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6 Essential findings and beads to create jewellery

6 Essential findings and beads to create jewellery

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In addition to selling jewellery, if you are one of those who enjoy designing and creating jewellery items, there are certain beads and findings that you should not be excluded from your products list. It is recommendable not only to choose the best design but also the highest quality, so when you acquire them, make sure that the materials have a good quality finish.


Tools to create jewellery

The first thing to consider is what you are going to use to create your jewellery. You must have the right tools to perform the work efficiently and optimise your time and effort. Some of the tools that you must have are:

- Tray for designing necklaces with beads

- Metal caliber with digital display in the storage case

- Professional metal ring measuring stick

- Special glue for making jewellery

Natural stones

Natural stones for jewellerycan be cut and carved for inclusion in your pieces. Natural stones give a very original and unique touch to your creations.

Beads and balls

There is a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials of beads and balls. Beads can make the difference between a boring piece and something fun.

Clasps and Endings

There are plenty of clasps and endingsto ensure that your jewellery doesn’t fall open and get lost. Although the main thing is that they are safe, you still shouldn’t forget the design element. There are many different types of claps, such as magnet, pressure, engaging...

Cords and Rolls

From the beginning, you should take into account the type of cord or roll that you will use to assemble your jewellery. Here there are a variety of possibilities and you can use chains from aluminium or copper to strands of leather or suede. It all depends on your idea!

Charms & Pendants

Pendants and charms can provide great originality to your necklace or bracelet so if you get the chance, do not hesitate and include some! Once you have all your beads and findings selected and prepared, you just have to get going and let your imagination do the work!

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