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How to combine collars and necklines

How to combine collars and necklines

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Clothing is one of the essential aspects that provide clues about what we are and our personality, especially the first impression. Nevertheless, more than the clothes we wear, the point that makes us different is the accessories that we use. Therefore, when we combine accessories with clothes we must be very careful that rather than achieving an exclusive look; we end up getting the opposite effect.

Here are some tips to help you when you have any question about what you are going to wear: - The best option is not to use more than 5 accessories. However, the size of each accessory must be taken into account, because if one is too large, you don’t need to wear any other. - If you don’t know which complements you are going to wear, the best option is try them all on at the same time and you can remove the accessories one by one that you think don’t fit with your look. - Adapt accessories to each occasion. Leave highlights and fine stones for special events and wear simple accessories for casual meetings. However, when it comes to combine clothing and accessories, we must not only take into account the colour but also the shape. One of the most difficult tasks is to combine necklaces and blouses, as tops can be designed with a wide variety of different neck styles. For this reason, we would like to help you know what kind of necklace goes with each collar type. Here some examples of tops and necklaces. - With round neck: it is best to use a short or medium necklace that is on your skin and don´t touch the cloth. 

- "V" neck: like the previous point, it is recommendable that the collar doesn´t exceed the area of skin that is shown. It is best that the collar mimics the shape of the neckline. 

- Plain stretch bustier: they are the most versatile and look good with short and medium necklaces, but we must ensure that the accessory doesn’t touch the garment. The collar can be round or in a "V" shape. 

- Bateau neckline: the best in these cases is that the collars are short and simple, to be able to be adjusted to the neck. You can also wear a long and thin down to the navel. With both options you will be able to stylize your neck. 

- High neckline or polar neck: l the most suitable is to wear long necklaces to look best.

   After these tips, do you still have any questions about what accessory to wear with that particular top you’ve never known how to pair?

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