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When was the first time that we celebrated Valentine's Day?

When was the first time that we celebrated Valentine's Day?

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We are only a few days away from celebrating the day of love and another year we have to think about what Valentine’s Day gift to give to that person that makes our life so enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be your partner, but could be a friend or relative. Either way, the main goal is to have a good excuse to show our appreciation for our loved ones. But what is the origin of this celebration?

The Origin of Saint Valentine

Some people think that Valentine's Day is a recent event, however, if we seek its origin we must go back to Roman times, around the third century and 270 BC. At that time, Claudius II was the Emperor and decided to ban young people to marry. He thought single householders, having fewer commitments, were more devoted to war and would be better soldiers. However, a priest named Valentine, felt that this rule was unfair and challenged the emperor, marrying young lovers in secret. When it reached the ears of the emperor, he commanded to arrest and kill him. According to legend, during his stay in prison, he met the jailer's daughter, Julia, falling in love with her and left a farewell letter signed "From your Valentine." His execution took place on 14th February, and for this reason that date is declared as the day of love. Many people are choosing to give jewellery on Valentine (always a sure hit) so we want to give you some ideas on what you can give on this special day. Here is a selection of earrings, pendants and bracelets full of love: [gallery columns="5" ids="200,198,196,194,192,190,188,186,184,182"] Do you already know who will be your Valentine ?

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